Friday, September 3, 2010

So nice, what they do together in your mouth

Been doing the waking-up-early-for-work thing quite a bit lately; and it's really been cutting into my drinking time. My increased climbing schedule puts a damper on things too. Frig. To clarify: knowing that I need to wake up early the next day or that I've stayed at the climbing gym 'til 10pm puts a damper on my enthusiasm for putting back a few on a random night.

That said, I still indulge in the old favorites and some new niceties -- of the beer persuasion -- on occasion. And, well, I haven't forgotten how to mix up a good drink.. it's just that I do it a lot less often then I used to.

In any case, I got to flex my, um, mixology muscles for a few friends at a zucchini-and-basil-themed dinner last weekend. So, may I present to you, so easy, so nice, the Basil Caipirinha:

Muddle 6 lime quarters with 4t table sugar and ~3t julienne'd basil leaves. Add 2 dashes of orange bitters and 4 to 6oz of cacha├ža or a superlight rum; shake vigorously over ice. And voila!

Makes two drinks! (And as such, make sure that each glass has 3 lime quarters, equal amounts of both ice and basil pieces.) Garnish with a long piece of sugarcane, if you got it. With the strong lime flavor and gratuitous rum use, the drink is vaguely "tropical" and therefore "summery".. but, really, make it any time you, ah, feel it.


And while I'm in the tippling mood, let me divulge another one of my favorites.. The Last Word. It's as-easy or easier to make as the previous cocktail: equal parts gin, lime juice, Maraschino liqueur, and green Chartreuse; shake over ice and strain into some sort of glass -- like the venerable martini or old-fashioned glasses. If I'm indulging at home (vs. a friend's place), I'll pour this delicious concoction into a pair of perfectly-proportioned cordial glasses.

If you're wondering about how much of each liquor to use, give 1oz of each a go; but if you're really thirsty or wanting to make 2 cute little drinks, just put a shot -- in the US, this means 1.5oz -- of each into the mix.

The result is something both herbally and sweet/sour.. in the best possible liquid incantations of those words. I'm not sure what alchemy goes into shaking three liquors -- that are strongly and uniquely flavored on their own -- with a bit of lime juice to make something so tangy and delicious.

What I'm saying is that even if you don't like any of the four ingredients on their own, you gotta try what they do together in your, um, mouth. Hmm.. ignore that last sentence if it reminds you of the text on the back of a DVD case you would find *behind* the curtains at your local video store. Otherwise, drink on!


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